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Tornaremos a gamificação acessível e democrática no mundo.

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Students get the card which is their in-game ID, similar to our credit card.


With 1 ckick the teacher validates students' positive and negative behaviors

No big deal, just 1 click.


With the card, they access the game, earn points, pass levels, and exchange points for educational entertainment benefits or giveaways and physical prizes.

Understand how your school can be as fun as a GAME ...

The manager follows the student's evolution individually and in relation to the class.

Are your students unmotivated?

Keeping students motivated and engaged is a daily challenge for every teacher and educational manager. Nowadays students have less and less patience to enjoy the learning process. This, combined with their eventual misunderstanding of the purposes of education, causes them not to engage in daily activities.


Some of the reasons that points to this demotivation are:


  • The methodology adopted by the teacher in the classroom

  • A lack of perception of their progress

  • Personal issues related to the student's intrinsic factors




Engage your students with Gamification

Students have changed, but the teaching method has not

The world is changing, and so is the classroom. The real learning only happens when your students are deeply involved in the whole learning process. Now more than ever, it is important to make the schools a relevant and significant environment for today's learners, in order to prepare them for the future.

Whoever uses it, loves it!

We impact thousands of children

My son's perfomance has increased a lot since Gamefik arrived. Every day he gets back from school and tells me how he is doing in the game.

João dos Santos, Marcelo's father

Gamefik was a milestone in the history of the school. The students' engagement grew sharply, which impacted our pedagogical indicators.

Leticia M., Educational Manager

I do my homework and I don't get late for school. I do everything right!

Caio, high school student

Nossos clientes

Escolas e cursos que estão explorando todo o potencial da gamificação com a Gamefik

A Gamefik é uma solução ideal para todo o tipo de sala de aula. Na nossa lista de parceiros estão escolas regulares, escolas de idiomas e escolas de esportes.

Dentre os diversos benefícios que estamos agregando, podemos citar o aumento do interesse dos alunos pelas atividades propostas, maior número de indicações internas e melhora nas taxas de retenção. 


Escola Municipal 
Professor Kássio 
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