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Tornaremos a gamificação acessível e democrática no mundo.

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Gamify your lessons and change the game

The Gamification Method consists of using techniques, strategies and game design in contexts that are not directly associated with the games themselves. It brings some of the game mechanics such as ranking and points into your classes' reality, creating an impact in engagement, productivity, focus, determination and so on. It makes it simple to achieve goals and objectives in any context.

Gamefik can help you!

  1. You create your own game with your own rules in a blink of an eye!
  2. Then, you insert your students into the game
  3. Done! Your game is all set and good to go!
  4. Now you can access Gamefik's App at any moment to:​​
  • Visualize your student's progress
  • Collect points and rewards from classes
  • See all your missions and other info!